Just me. Diane. Pushing into my mid 40’s and loving most every moment of life! I live in southern Wisconsin close to the Illinois border. Grew up in the Wisconsin Dells area, and have an aversion to tourists! Still have a home in the area, and I try to get there as much as possible.

I’m married to the love of my life, BoB (I call him Bobbles, and he really hates that!). House is pretty quiet for the most part, as all the two-legged children are grown. We have Calvin, a black shitzu - he’s 9, and Missy, a little grey fuzzball that is just a bit over a year old.

Here’s the roll call from the youngest on up: My son Jacob is 21 and living in the capital city with his girlfriend and cat, Sputter - he’s just started a new job working with organic foods. Laura lives in Minneapolis and teaches 7th grade math (she has two HUGE dogs that make me sneeze!). Joe lives in Madison as well. Kyle just moved from Florida to Minneapolis after his divorce, he is in the marketing end of Sports/Bikes - he has blessed us with three babies; Louden, Chaise and Colton. Last but not least, John. He is married to Aga and they have a little girl Madissen.

Worked in the Internet industry (graphics, programming, accounting) until a bit over a year ago when we sold the business. We own two bars, one is a live music venue only open 3 days a week - and that’s where you’ll find me working during those nights. The other is a sports bar, with the big screens and lots of pool and dart players.

For entertainment, I try to stay home as much as possible. I enjoy both paper and digital scrapping, reading, beading, misc. crafty stuff and playing RealArcade.

There’s much more, however, if you’re here, you prolly know a bit about me already =)

I do have good intentions of keeping this blog updated so my family and friends can keep in touch with what is going on in my world. And I’m also looking forward to having a blog to share some of my scrapping goodies with the digital world. Hopefully I’ll keep it fresh!