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• Saturday, January 23rd, 2010

Where has the time gone??!  It’s been so very long since I posted anything?  Really?  Wow!  Okay, enuf, I’ll get on with it!

Had an absolutely wonderful day today - my granddaughter Madissen (gramma calls her Madi) came to spend the afternoon while her mommy & dad spent some time together.  First time the two of them have been on a date in about 5 years (yeah, way too long if you ask me!).  At any rate, mommy couldn’t wait to get back to Madi, and ole grandpa and I couldn’t get enuf time with the little cutie.

Madi kept busy playing with her Barbies (pretty new thing for her as she has really been into those “Webkins”), played in the snow, serenaded me with a few songs and we talked, and talked, and talked.  Gosh this little girl is smart for 6.  Funny - reminds me of a few month back when she was inquiring for something out of the cupboard; i asked if she could reach it… she promptly put her hands on her hips and said, “I’m six years old Grandma, of course I can reach it!”  Totally made her momma’s eyes and mine roll as we held back huge chuckles.

Today she popped out with another one - she and grandpa were going to run out to grab some fast food. Grandpa announced that he thought it best they go to Culvers as McDonald’s food wasn’t as good for her.  She came running down to my scrap room, “Grandma, grandpa said he wouldn’t take me to McDonald’s”.  Grandpa heard quickly enough from grandma that he should take her wherever she would like to go (yadda, yadda, yadda).  Well, afterwards, I promptly realized that the little one has me wrapped a bit around that little finger of hers.  hmmmmmmmm!

New Goodies

Have you seen some of the new releases that are coming to CHAW10?  OMG!  I am totally in love with some of this stuff, especially the 7 Gypsies (they have their new products listed directly on their opening page), Tim Holtz too… (scroll down his blog to see some of his new goodies).

Every time the Gypsies come out with a new stamp set, I totally fall in love with it and it is my favorite.  Well, that’s been the course over the last 3 releases… Right now I’m completely hooked on Venice, and it seems as if I’m using it on everything.  Well, this new one, Avignon is just delicious and I can’t wait to get my hands on it!  Actually, I can’t wait to get my hands on the entire collection!!!!!!!

Oh! And did you see their new printer trays???  Gotta, gotta, gotta have em!  I recently acquired three very vintage ones, size of 32×17.  Kinda large, but I have a purpose.  Many of you know that I collect “definition” stamps (you know, the kind that look like text right out of a dictionary).  Well, the majority of them will fit perfectly into the smaller sections of these trays - so my original purpose was to get them for the wall to stuff with the stamps.  Of course, there will be larger holes to fill, and that’s great, as I do have some larger stamps as well.  (I’ll post a pix when I get it up).  Another of the trays I am going to decorate Gypsie style and fill it with tags, quotes, photos and lotsa ephemera.  As soon as I get that one completed, it will most likely go into my vintage home.

Aga, my daughter-in-law (Madi’s mommy) and I have not really had much of an opportunity to get together scrappin as of late, due to the holidays and such - however, we have a date for Sunday and I am really looking forward to it.  I have so many projects I need to complete and am looking forward to her inspiration.  Seems I’m always feeling so much more creative when she is around.  Right now I am in need of  ~fixing~ a goof-up punch on a little album that I created (of course, the goof would be the cover!) while punching with my %*#*@ Bind-It-All.  (I was REALLY hoping hubby would have taken my *blatent* hints and had Santa provide me with the 7 Gypsies Binderie punch that I am in desperate need of!!!).

At any rate, as I still have quite a few completed projects that have not yet been unwrapped, I’ll post the pix of them as soon as they are opened =)

We have the scraproom almost completed.  Wow, kinda amazing how much crap stuff one can obtain, and it was truly a task moving it around and organizing to make it workable.  (I must have things where I can find them).  Curtains went up yesterday, now I just need to finish some flea-market goodies for embellies.

Well, there.  Nice long post!  Updating this as well as loggin on to my facebook more than once in a blue moon are both goals of mine for 2010.  Funny - a goal, and today is already the 22nd day of the month!  I will do better… promise!

Meanwhile, I have a new blog for you to check out; Tammy Tutterow/Fairy Davis. This lady has some beautiful creations - oh, and check out some of her CHA Prima tags.   I’m in love with some of her vintage clipart - complete goodness!

Have a good nite folks - I’m off to scrapland to finish up some products.

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• Tuesday, July 07th, 2009

Well, iffin you’re familiar with Paper Pricking, then you’ll know what to do with this - if you’re not, once I have the opportunity to get some more patterns up here, I’ll give you a short tutorial.

click on the image to  download

Have a great day!


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• Monday, June 22nd, 2009

Just completed this Pregnancy Journal for my niece Becky.  Used my Wishblade and KNK on this project quite a bit.  Starts at the 1st trimester and concludes with the baby’s birth.  Uncertain if it was a boy or girl, so I tried to go with something besides pink and blue (not my usual style, I know).  Went a bit more modern on this one and really enjoyed the project.  My DIL Aga helped me a bit, and I was thrilled with the outcome.

Click on the link for larger view

I’ve included many of the photos so you can view from page to page.  I was thrilled to have the journal featured as the Gallery Pick in PaperThreads July monthly newsletter.

Here’s the remainder of the photos:

And a special thankies to my dear hubby for his photography work =)  Becky loved the album.

Have a great day!


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• Monday, January 05th, 2009

I’ve been working on a project for my daytime manager - she’s getting married on the 17th of this month - on a cruise !  How nice!  At any rate, they’re doing the formal “reception” thingie - so, she asked that I put something together for them to send out to 200+ addresses.  For those of you that stuck with me through the stress of this one,  here’s the preview of the front of the card.  She picked up all 210 of them tonight and the’re going out in the mail tomorrow - envelopes are already addressed.  Whew!  Now it’s time for me… and I’m kinda likin the colors of the DSO Color Challenge for January.  Maybe I’ll get some time to get creative and share with you!

sherrytopHappy New Year!

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• Sunday, December 28th, 2008

Have you been to Aimee Asher’s site?  There is so much there to interest me for hours, and hours!  Not just the shop, (and oh my, yes - there are lots and lots and lots of wonderful papercrafting projects), but the community, forum, gallery and groups are so entertaining and educational.   I’m definitely a fan of many of the artists - including Sandy Osborn and Kizzy Dizzy, just to name a couple.    If you’re into paper crafting - I highly recommend this site!

And when it comes to a “buttload” of templates - oh my gawd - I’ve got the link for you!  Mel Stampz has a link to just about every imaginable template out there for papercrafting - again, you just gotta visit!!

Things are still a bit crazed around here - however, one of my new year’s resolutions is to actually update this on a more regular basis.

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• Sunday, December 14th, 2008

I’ve been pretty good this year about getting my personal projects started… yep, started.  All those items that I was planning to give for Christmas, well… they’re not finished.  Some are, most aren’t.  Suppose I’ll need to get busy to get them done.  Meanwhile, here’s a layout for the “quote challenge” at DSO - features pix from last Christmas.  Yep - we’re all nuts!

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• Monday, October 06th, 2008

I’m not really crazy about the cold weather - but fall days here in Wisconsin are absolutely beautiful when the sun is shining and it’s nice and warm.  I really enjoy being out at this time.  But, the colder it gets, the more I tend to hibernate and wait for that spring thaw!  Here’s hubby and I enjoying our day.

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• Tuesday, September 09th, 2008

It’s been a crazy month around here, and this is one of the few opportunities I’ve had to just sit back and relax. We got home from Palm Springs just prior to the weekend of the 30th. Was great to be on vacation where it was nice and warm - looking forward to going back again.

Opening back up after vacation was pretty nice as well. First real night back was Jimmy Newquist w/ Caroline’s Spine. Always so nice to host them - Jimmy and Nicole are great people. Really enjoy his music too. He was just signed on with Sony Records w/ his latest CD to be released on the 5th, so was a pretty good concert.

After the weekend I finally had a chance to work with Kim B’s new colors for the DSO color challenge. Love, love, love the colors she chose this month and couldn’t wait to get playing with them. Finished my minikit and posted it. Here’s a preview:

Download Freebie Here

Iffin you download, please let me know your thots. Always interested in hearing constructive comments. =)

Well, I’m still hooked on the colors, and decided to put a bit of it here on my new blog. And… now I’m working on creating a luggage tag album to go along with it. Seems as if I just keep on making new goodies to go along with it.

This week has been crazy too… had a few interviews and hired one young lady. Her name is Tiffany - so far her training is going quite well…

Well, time for me to get off the computer and spend some time with hubby, Calvin & Missy.